A Customer from South Bend, Indiana:

Customer Rating:***** (five stars)

City: South Bend, IN

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Brick or Stone Siding

“Mr. Stichter returned my call, set an appointment, arrived right on time. We jointly inspected the project. He verbalized what he thought needed to be done. One day after I received a detailed work statement and dollar estimate. OUTSTANDING service. I plan to proceed, using Stichter & Sons.”

A Customer from Koontz Lake, Indiana:

Customer Rating:***** (five stars)

City: Koontz Lake, IN

Project: Repair a Brick or Stone Fireplace (Non-Gas)

“Five Stars.”

Also Check out Fire Kissed Pizza – They have a masonry wood fired bake oven in their trailer and travel the area baking pizzas. They can be found at festivals or any special events.

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